Dinesh KCDhurba Acharya(Dinesh KC) was born on 14th October, 1987 in Dolakha, Jhyanku. He had spend his childhood with his friends and family so his childhood was always cheerful. He is first child of his father and mother, although he has two younger brothers and one younger sister, who is so lovely to him.He has completed his schooling from Shri Kalinag Higher Secodary School.  From his childhood he had great passion about modeling and acting, so he came Kathmandu to complete his dream. Then he joined for Ramp walk training in L&S Model Management. He had done his first photo shoot in the year 2014 and gradually he started to do modeling, music videos and movies. He became renowned to public by his first music video Tmi Phool Bhaye and movies Danav. After that he had played as lead actor in more than six movies. He has also passion to travel new places and to learn, live the different culture, life styles. He wanted to be a finest and popular actor/model in a national and international level.

He was never one who saw himself with a family. Not wanting to be tied down by the constraints of a wife and kids, he always assumed he’d never marry. But in the year 2005 he tied knot with Renuka Archarya. Now he has three daughter and one son, he is always happy to have them and they also very very supportive to his dream. 

Actor, Druba Acharya (Dinesh KC) was immersed into modeling at his adult. He learned so many thing in his modeling classes to be a good actor and model, his struggle come to very positive and effective that after joining one year of class he started to do modeling. At that time he was very young to his career. He had done several ramp walk get noticed from there in few month, then he got offer to play music videos, till now he had played more than hundred of them. While he was doing modeling he also started to take dance class in Music Nepal. He is achieving one by one mile stone in Nepali Modeling and Acting Sector. His undying passion to be best actor follower keep him in front line. Beside this, he had done ramp walk in Thailand Phuket, and in the upcoming month he is going a Thailand for ramp walk and to perform culture program. He believes participating in this type of event help him to transform his creativity to the next level.

Personally, he is kind, helpful, co-operative, hardworking, sincere to his work. His passion towards the modeling and acting is immense and also it had been connected to him from his childhood and wants to dedicate his whole life in this field. His aim is to become a successful and popular actor and make the country proud. Beside this, he wants to involve in the social sector. He is a lighthearted and spiritual person too, he believes that god is always with those who works hard and does good work. Life is so precious so we should do something good that it becomes inspiration to the others.